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Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Mon Dec 9 15:52:58 CST 2002

At 18:13 +0000 12/8/02, John Handelaar wrote:

>Just to let you all know that Eric opened up
>the new list this afternoon.  It's hosted by
>eouk and there's a link to the 'Support Evolt'
>page in every message footer.

    Indeed so.  As I wind up the migration from my end, I'd like to
once again express my deep and abiding gratitude that evolt offered
the resources and support to make css-discuss a better list.
    I've been trying to give credit where it's due in all of my public
announcements about the move, and I definitely think a "Community
News" note on the evolt site would be in order.  I'd be happy to
contribute quotes to such a piece, although at the moment I'm afraid
I'm a bit too swamped to write one complete.  There are some evolt
authors on css-d who could probably do a bang-up job with such an
    Also, if there is a preferred way to credit evolt in the list
footers, please let me know.  Here's what the list footer looks like
right now (without the quote characters, of course):

>css-discuss [css-d at lists.css-discuss.org]
>Supported by evolt.org -- http://www.evolt.org/help_support_evolt/

That goes on every message, digest or not, that the list sends out.
I figured a "evolt supports us, here's how to support them" kind of
thing was the way to go, but if the evolt members feel otherwise, I
can easily change it.  I only ask that the support/credit message be
kept to one 75-character line of text if possible, and no more than
two lines if necessary.  Since this is content added to every
message, I want to keep its impact as low as possible.

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