[Theforum] happy birthday evolt

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Mon Dec 9 20:56:48 CST 2002

Bruce Lawson wrote:
> what about another 5 books (say, the glasshaus Constructing Accessible Web
> Sites book) for a happy birthday evolt pressy?
> would be two or 3 weeks, tho (maybe new year) until the new print run comes
> in before I could send em out...
> bruce
> glasshaus brand manager

Bruce, I just want to extend my thanks to you and to Glasshaus for being
such a great bunch of people, being prepared to give this stuff to evolt.

Oh yeah, while you're active, are there any problems with, as Paul put
it, sending review copies down Australia way, if you're still willing to
give the penny-pinching lot of us review copies? ;)
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