[Theforum] happy birthday evolt

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Dec 10 08:34:32 CST 2002

Dean Mah wrote:
> Except that there are a number of people nomail'ed so that they can
> post from non-member accounts which gives them an unfair advantage.

damnit, stop taking away my extra chances!  First no-one from content can
enter.  Then you want to take away unfair advantages ... just as I had a
mate subscribing with the seventeen thousand nomail addresses I'd set up on
my server!

Dude, stop typing ... yes, I know you're up to aaaabjcds at zensoft.net so far,
just stop typing ... I know it's hard ... yes, I realise you're in advanced
stages of RSI, and the mere act of stopping to type will destroy your
knuckles ... no really, stop it, I want to use that machine, no, stop, now!

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