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Bruce Lawson brucel at glasshaus.com
Wed Dec 11 04:16:11 CST 2002

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Lachlan wrote
> > Bruce, I just want to extend my thanks to you and to Glasshaus for being

> > such a great bunch of people, being prepared to give this stuff to

Obviously I'd like to take credit for all 12 of us being great, but the fact
is that we owe you evolters big time. When my boss stood over me with a
sharp axe and said "Bruce invent a brand for professional web designers; I
want a list of their concerns and interests, a name for the brand and a look
and feel for what the books will be like. Next week", a kind university
friend pointed me to evolt, where i lurked for ages in utter incomprehension
(CSS? Accessibility? Weamdreaver? Jakob who? eh?) until I got a clue.

So, as it's glasshaus' first Xmas (we're now 9 months old), I feel we should
say thanks. After all: we do it for business, you guys do it for love. Or

In fact: why *do* you do it?

Bruce Lawson
brand manager

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