[Theforum] this one's for eric meyer (he's here, right?)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 12 20:58:29 CST 2002

actually, the email is for eric, but i also wanted to note that it
looks like some people might try to contact the css-discuss list
through the evolt.org contact form...

i think this might be related to the fact that i couldn't find an
admin address anywhere on the css-discuss.org site...

even if there is/was one, i suspect we'll continue to get requests
for css-discuss admining through the evolt.org contact form... i'm
open to suggestions on how best to handle that...

and that's why i've sent it here...

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   From: Brad Carps <mailto:bcarps at datavibe.net>
   Date: 12-Dec-02 03:50 PM CST
  Reply: http://evolt.org/contact/view/50413/index.html

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   Date: 12-Dec-02 09:03 PM CST



While I don't manage the css-d list, and since it's only getting
hosting space from evolt.org, I can get this message to the
appropriate people and ideally they can look into it.

In the meantime, can you make sure that you don't have any other
addresses subscribed?

on behalf of evolt.org

On 12/12/2002 Brad Carps <bcarps at datavibe.net> wrote:
I'm subscribed to the css-d list, and can't unsubscribe.  According
your system, I have no account, yet I still get all the messages.
Please unsubscribe me so I can re-subscribe and get the digest
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