[Theforum] this one's for eric meyer (he's here, right?)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 13 10:12:39 CST 2002

> From: "Eric A. Meyer" <eric at meyerweb.com>
>     Yeah, I should add something.  My concern is that putting the
> address on the server will get it spambotted.  Is there a plug-n-play
> script at which I could point a form, and have it e-mail the
> administrator?  Something simple would do, and if I knew either Perl
> or Python I'd write it myself.

it's gonna get spambotted no matter what you do... it's just a
matter of time... but since they'll go to one address, filtering it will
be cake...

>     Having looked, his address is still subscribed.  I've been getting
> sporadic subscribe/unsubscribe problems; one guy kept getting Python
> error messages when he tried to access his account, even though it was
> there and I didn't when I logged into his account using his password.
> Is this something that just happens from time to time?

yes, it's a feature.


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