[Theforum] Competition proposal - votes please

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 15 19:38:52 CST 2002

>  > Sorry for the late response. No, I haven't. When were they
>>  supposed to arrive?
>No idea. Those guys still haven't paid me, either. Grr.

Bummer dude. Isn't Bruce on this list? Perhaps he can help...

I'd asked to review Glasshaus' Javascript book (offlist), and got a
notice from Linda Taylor a few days ago that I would receive it in
the next two weeks. Is there anything I can do to help facilitate the
receipt of the 5 books you were diverting my way?

BTW, things have been so crazy the last few months that I've kinda
forgotten what I was supposed to do with the books once they arrived.
Please remind me...


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