[Theforum] note from Nick Bradbury

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 11 10:22:44 CST 2003

>minimum of $10?

$10 seems okay to *me*. Madhu, does it seem excessive to you? Would
$5 be significantly better? Any other non-Americans with an opinion
on this? I was thinking $5 might encourage more donations...

For the record, we've received this following number of donations for
each dollar amount:

   $ - #
   2 - 1
   4 - 1
   5 - 5
  10 - 11 (including one rounded up from $9.59)
  11 - 1 (rounded down from $11.03)
  15 - 2
  20 - 8
  25 - 7
  30 - 1
  35 - 2
  40 - 1
  50 - 6
100 - 3 (wow - I recalled there was only one, but there were three)

That makes (with rounding) $1257 in total donations since we started
with PayPal in June, 2002 (49 total, 30 of them being since December
13). The rest was bandwidth donation by e.o.uk and Amazon's check, on
top of our original figure (Dan's donation of hosting/bandwidth?
...or what was it from?). Also, two people have given twice. Our
current PayPal balance is $1,013.50.

>Marlene, could you please mail Nick and ask if he's OK with 6?

How 'bout if I email him and ask how many he had in mind (and I'll
suggest 6). I'll also make sure he's okay with the idea of giving out
n prizes over n months.

>I'd be happy to type out the announcement to thelist once we're cool with it.

That'd be great Madhu.

>That's a really generous offer from Nick, very cool of him. What can we do
>to thank people who go that little bit further to help us?

That's an important question. We need to make public thank-you's to
people/companies who donate prizes. How should we do this? We need to
plan for this in our next redesign too.


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