[Theforum] PayPal vs. others (was: note from Nick Bradbury)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 11 14:59:03 CST 2003

>I just remembered. I'm afraid I won't use Paypal for anything. When I tried
>to buy something off the Web using Paypal, I noticed that they added a very
>small line (and also in light grey) saying "a membership fee of $1.95 will
>be charged to your credit card."

What?! Membership fee in PayPal?

I need to add some other options for donations. I have a list of
suggestions that I haven't really researched much yet. Anyone have
the time to look into one or more of the services on this page:


If so, claim dibs here (so we don't duplicate effort) and send us an
email with a summary of the services' pros and cons.


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