[Theforum] New BEO mirror

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Fri Feb 21 06:59:58 CST 2003

Afternoon folks

I've just done a wee bit of begging and as a result,
we just got a new fat-ass mirror donated.

James Cronin at Flirble.org has just rsynced against
deouk and opened a BEO mirror this morning, ftp and
http,  with a commitment to 100Gb/month in transfer.

It's based in London, UK and we've given it the address
of flirble-lon.evolt.org.uk.

A second, lower capacity mirror in NYC will follow
shortly (we'll be handling the lower capacity part
by wording accordingly, as they requested).  It will
be named flirble-nyc.evolt.org.uk.

Both have uncapped ethernet-speed connections and are
not throttled.  It is possible that the NYC mirror may
be short-lived *if* it becomes too popular.

James is also (because it arouses them) setting up one
of them - dunno which yet - to be an IPv6 mirror.  A
third address may therefore ensue.

Top, massive, huge thanks to the flirble guys.

Meanwhile the mirror hunt continues.

Happy, happy, joy, joy

John Handelaar

T +44 20 8459 4923       M +44 7930 681789
F +44 870 169 7657   E john at userfrenzy.com

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