[Theforum] New BEO mirror

george donnelly list at zettai.net
Fri Feb 21 07:38:04 CST 2003

[John Handelaar wrote (genghis at members.evolt.org) on 2/21/03 7:59 AM]

> Meanwhile the mirror hunt continues.

What do you need from a mirror-provider?

I have a dedicated server in San Francisco with ServePath. Its a fast
machine (SCSI/dual proc) on a good network. I've currently got an allocation
of 750GB per month but am using less than that, so I could be willing to
chip in 100GB for awhile.

btw hi everyone, Martin invited me to join the list to see if I could help
out in some way with MEO and Zope/Plone matters. Looking forward to working
with you all. :)

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