[Theforum] New BEO mirror

Martin Paul Burns martin.burns at uk.ibm.com
Fri Feb 21 08:12:25 CST 2003

George wrote:

> What do you need from a mirror-provider?

Ideally up to about 100GB a month for beo, the browser archive :-)

>I have a dedicated server in San Francisco with ServePath. Its a fast
>machine (SCSI/dual proc) on a good network. I've currently got an
>of 750GB per month but am using less than that, so I could be willing to
>chip in 100GB for awhile.

Cool, thank you very much!

>btw hi everyone, Martin invited me to join the list to see if I could help
>out in some way with MEO and Zope/Plone matters. Looking forward to
>with you all. :)

Yeah, *ahem* I, ah, slightly skipped a stage there. This has gone to
steering already, and was coming here as soon as the current vote was
complete (assuming it passes).
The uk evolters put their shoulders to the wheel and produced:
http://www2.evolt.org.uk as a proof of concept for evolters.org
which is based on http://www.plone.org

Most of the tools we've talked about about are there already, or not
difficult to build.

The presentation layer and IA are all nicely editable.

As far as a working system goes, it's there and ready to go - the main
thing thing that needs doing is the last bit of customisation. All the hard
bits are done.

Could this be done in time for the end of March? Easily imo.


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