[theforum] movement for redesign

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 11 11:16:38 CDT 2003

>there have been two, or was it three persons, stepping up this past week,
>and i know about them, but we need a lot more.

I volunteer for any client side coding Evolt might need (ie. template 
building according to the new design). Guaranteed to work in all browsers, 
any (X)HTML flavour, accessibility ascertained, nifty W3C DOM scripts that 
degrade nicely, the works. If you need me, mail me.

Also I'm thinking of working on the article comments. Maybe writing a nice 
script for showing comments will be useful in my eternal quest for the Right 
Use of the W3C DOM, and in any case I'd like a better way to go through 
really long pages of comments (see my own articles for examples) and to 
somehow filter out boring ones.

QUESTION: What (if anything) would you like to see changed in the way 
comments are *presented*, especially when there's a humunguous lot of them?

QUESTION: Judge the comments (a bit Slashdot-like) and hide the bad ones. 
Good idea or bad?

>We need to refocus our groups, delegate tasks ... decide which tasks to
>delegate etc.

QUESTION: Are the five groups still active? If so, would it be possible for 
all five of them to present some sort of report? You know, problems solved, 
new problems encountered, general strategy etc. They don't need to be long, 
as long as they give an overview.

The task group structure has been in place for over a year now and I'd like 
to know how it works in practice. From Elfur's mail I get the idea it isn't 
really working splendidly, but I interpret Martin's mail as saying that the 
system does work.

>But first and foremost, we need a person willing to take over the whip.

Not me. My first priority is to whip myself into action during the worst 
heat wave in anyone's memory.

>I'm going to let this thread hang here for about a week, but after that,
>unless it will be protested against, i'm sending an official call out for
>volunteers to our public lists (thechat and thelist)

I think you should allow for slightly more time. It's still holiday season, 
so some people who are willing to be Chief Whip might still be away from 
their computers.

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