[theforum] movement for redesign

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Mon Aug 11 22:47:32 CDT 2003

> David Kaufman wrote:
> > regardless, it seems sensible to have such a failover site on a
> > box, on a different network, so that if the main site's box or network
> > haywire (or if Jeff gets hit by a bus and no one else has the access
> > privledges + know-how to step in) the backup can become the frontup in a
> > hurry, by David just punching the big red "press only in emergency" DNS
> > button.
> Just so everyone knows, the situation isn't quite as bad as it might
> seem.  I have access to weo and have done enough development with Jeff
> that I feel I could step in if necessary.  It would suck to have to do
> it, of course, because I didn't do the original coding, but I know
> Jeff's development style well enough to feel that I could deal with
> emergency situations.  I also believe that Morgan has access to weo now
> (I could be wrong) so there is another non-Eugene person in case Eugene
> gets nuked but somehow the hosting facility gets spared.

yes, i have access to the server as well. but i'm on the east coast of the
US, an hour north of NYC--so if anything i'll be nuked before you guys are.
but who knows, maybe they'll go for the hippies first.

i'm also very familiar with jeff's style of programming, and can even
impersonate him at parties.

rudy is also a competant CF programmer, and joshua olsen has worked with
jeff on enumerable projects. i'm not sure if josh is on any lists besides
thelist, but he is certainly an avid evolter who would help in an emergency.

> That being said, I'm still very much in favor of multiple people being
> in charge of all the critical points of evolt. Truly distributed
> development in a community as large as ours is a holy grail.

i agree, but i'm sure others do not.

in reality, we're not talking about building a self-preserving spaceship to
house the remnants of earth's civilization (though at times it sounds like
it). evolt has a very good system now, i'm not sure involving a dozen more
sets of hands will drastically improve things. if anything, a group of high
caliber programmers is less productive than one or two who have been handed
clear requirements.

> I'm not
> sure what the best we can hope for is.  But I'm all in favor of giving
> it the best shot we can, regardless of whether its in php, asp, cf, or
> more likely, a combination of the above.

i think many people felt out of the loop during the last transition. but
remembering the timetable we were handed, i thought jeff did an amazing job
of porting the site. so while we're discussing the thought of jeff under
busses, lets not forget he pulled evolt out from under one in our

frankly, i'm a little puzzled why language and platform are always at the
start of evolt rebuild discussions. usually, a complete requirements list is
the first order of business.


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