[theforum] movement for redesign

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Aug 12 03:25:54 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, August 12, 2003, at 02:30  am, David Kaufman wrote:

>>> If this means sticking with or migrating from the win2k/mssql/cfm
>>> platform, so be it, but i'm sure a full scope and design as part
>>> of the buildup to the codevolt will help us assist in ensuring we
>>> can *all* use the right tools for the job.
>> I can provide any open source resources required (linux, apache, perl,
>> php, postgresql, mysql, etc) on a fairly dedicated box in a secure
>> colocation facility.  This machine has access to backup machines for
>> backups as well as cold-failover.
> this is at community colo?  wouldn't weo's bandwidth requirements be an
> issue?  or was the bulk of the bandwidth expense on mailing lists and 
> the
> browser archive?

weo doesn't use that much (or at least, hasn't historically - don't 
know what the current figure is).

beo (mirrors) and leo are far greater bandwidth suckers - at present, 
the box hosting leo, beo (the source for mirrors via rsync, not any 
browser downloads to end users) and deo is doing about 80-90 Gigs a 

When that box was the only beo mirror (and nothing else), it was doing 
100+ GB/Month

>> I can provide CVS access to developers and anything else required for
>> a coordinated development effort.
> the last two development shops i've worked for have [mandated] all 
> development be done in dev environments.  at both,
> nothing is ever touched "by hand" on the production sites -- each 
> developer's changes are checked in onto a nice, sane 
> version-controlled branch that is then used to update, if necessary 
> resolve merge conflicts and test on either a staging-site virtual host 
> or the production site (for smaller setups.  it's a nice feeling to 
> catch a show-stopping bug, typo or broken link on a staging site 
> before it goes live.  is there any sort of staging done now with weo 
> or is development done on the live site?

Regardless of how things are done now (which, as it's a matter of 
tweaks, I'm slightly less concerned about), for the redevelopment phase:
1) We're going to be doing radical surgery I think
2) We're definitely going to be developing in parallel with a live site
we will absolutely have to separate dev and production environments. 
Ideally, that will be a completely separate set, so not even the db is 
in the same place as the production db.


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