[theforum] movement for redesign

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Tue Aug 12 07:26:58 CDT 2003

Concept for Work.


Few things poorly labelled, such as the recent articles, and things like the
hot discussions, and top articles are neglected. However, switching from
category dropdown to list, and adding evolters promo is going to take space
however we do it.

Can we establish a hierarchy of projects?

 - lists
 - articles
 - tips
 - directory
 - jobs
 - code repository

 - browser archive
 - site review board (post a link, get people to check it in
browser/platform you don't have, critique?)

 - evolter bios
 - evolters mess space (recipes)
 - evolter news (i got a job, i'm going on holiday, etc)
 - events
 - the evolters list (thechat renamed)
 - gear/tagwear

I'm just wondering if the frontdoor of evolt.org should be Work, or if it
should be a taste of everything. (I think latter -> featured
evolter/evolters promo, calendar, hot discussions, featured articles, jobs?,
sites to review, tagwear promo).



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