[theforum] movement for redesign

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Tue Aug 12 07:54:44 CDT 2003

> Think the white-on-green links are still too low contrast, though they
> look nice.

Will worry about the right green later on.

> Sounds fine. Although tips are like mini-articles, so how different are
> they?

Well, I'd prefer that they were moved into articles. Newcomers to the site
need the info in a tip, not all the info on how they're harvested and why
people tip for offtopic stuff. So I think that we need a process to turn
tips into brief articles, but retain the label of Tip so no-ones expecting a
comprehensive tutorial, even though they provide great info.

> 2nd one gets handled on thelist not sure how useful it is on the web.
> Alternatively that's just pulled from thelist archives  with comments
> addable?

I'd shift it to the web, even manually by content admins. Add body info,
tick some boxes, add contact address. Then developer gets email alerts
whenever someone comments on their design.

Alt, they add design into the app on the web. Name/info. Link to screenshot,
or HTML page. checkbox things like "design critique, colour critique, check
on mac, test in mozilla, etc".

Potential testers come along and say "Show me stuff that needs to be tested
on mac. I've got 10 minutes to help out today."

Then in the comments section, the developers comments are highlighted
differently so that they can effectively answer criticisms, etc.

> >  - evolter news (i got a job, i'm going on holiday, etc)
> blog-stuff? Photos too imo

Bit diff from blog-stuff, imo. More like low-level personal announcements
than what people typically post to blogs.

> >  - events
> Personal and joint - either's good.

Birthdays even.

> I think that'd work better as a 'whole community' face, but I'm a bit
> worried about it seeming like a splash page... need to see it I think

Will do that next. Just writing my book for 30 minutes before work.

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