[theforum] movement for redesign

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Aug 12 07:58:12 CDT 2003

Isaac Forman wrote:
> [snip]
> I'm just wondering if the frontdoor of evolt.org should be Work, or if it
> should be a taste of everything. (I think latter -> featured
> evolter/evolters promo, calendar, hot discussions, featured articles,
> jobs?, sites to review, tagwear promo).

Yeah, I like that - we could of course just take this to it's logical
conclusion, and use new site names:

 eo: www.evolt.org (or evolt.org)
     main portal, acting as *eo content aggregator (latest articles,
     tips, list posts, comments, evolters.org blog posts, etc)

weo: work.evolt.org
     articles, lists [1], directory, tips, etc

teo: test.evolt.org
     beo, perhaps standards reference, etc

peo: play.evolt.org

Old teo could be deprecated.  Stuff proposed in the past like feo (I'd still
love to see that come about!) could still happen, just as something like

Instead of having separate subdomains for everything (except perhaps leo
[1]), have them appropriately grouped - makes things easier when something
new needs to get added - wait for dns to appear for somethingnew.evolt.org?
feh :)

Before anyone complains that 404s would become rampant, there's many ways
around that using Redirects and such like.  A master redirect could exist
for all of the 'legacy' subdomains, so that deo, for example, would easily
redir to work.evolt.org/directory

Just realised as I typed there that peo gets broken by the usage of
evolters.org, no reason why it can't exist as an alternate name for
evolters.org (so that we don't have two "eo"s to deal with!)

Another thought - perhaps thechat could/should become an evolters.org list?

[1] probably too much hassle to even think about ditching leo as a
subdomain, but archives could prolly live under
work.evolt.org/lists/archive/ without too much trouble :)

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