[theforum] movement for redesign

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Aug 12 10:52:48 CDT 2003

Tara Cleveland wrote:
> Isaac Forman wrote:
> > http://www.triplezero.com.au/production/evolt/evolt_work.gif
> I love the designs! Overall they are amazing. The layout, ideas,
> functionality, etc. are all great.
> But before we settle on it finally, I'd like to just add my 2 cents and
> say I think the key colours (the RGB) should be a little darker or
> lighter. Right now they are a bit overwhelming. I'd either tint or shade
> them a bit more.

Personally I'm of the opinion, and I've expressed this in #evolt already,
that the colours right now are moot, over and above the point that it's cool
to reuse the cube colours.  In a well heeled design, the colours will be
changable at the drop of a CSS hat - let's not get all het up over colour
schemes just yet.  I appreciate that some of the colours aren't to
everyone's taste, but personally I'd rather concentrate on a lot of layout
and a measure of build.  Just my ?0.028338.

btw, I think it looks all good, and that's a chuffing good design to build
from.  Isaac, you rawk :)

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