Why PPV is a bad idea to begin with (was RE: [theforum] movement for redesign)

John Handelaar john at evolt.org.uk
Tue Aug 12 12:08:19 CDT 2003

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> The current notion is:
> *.evolt.org, including lists, including thelist: 
>     free to view, free to contribute
> *.evolters.org, including lists, *excluding* thechat [1]: 
>     free to view, pay [2] to contribute


I'll agree to this at the point someone gives me an
example, anywhere at all, of a site which *started out*
charging for access rather than introducing it later
and actually made more than a buck and a half.


This is NOT how you make revenue on a noncritical web
venture (where 'critical', by contrast, is i-can't-do-

I'm especically unkeen, since thechat is sort of my
baby, to see the only open-access 2-way community
element we have effectively shut off.  On a very
generous 5% uptake, you might as well turn it off
cos the number of posts will fall to a level where
no bugger in her right mind would fork for it.

Thus far, evolters.org a) doesn't exist and b) sure as
hell doesn't provide anything on its feature list 
which People Like Us can't get elsewhere for nothing,
not least from f2o.


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