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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Aug 12 15:55:04 CDT 2003

Martin Burns wrote:
> William|DavidU|Madhu wrote
> > We should use MT|TypePad|cafelog to run evolters.org
> Can we leave the exact decision for a bit, and agree in principle that
> developing a new application from scratch to run evolters is dim as
> there are lots of good ones out there with years of development/testing
> time in them, and that we'll pick one based on requirements?

I wasn't attempting to lock us in to anything, I suggested MT because I'm
used to it, Madhu mentioned TypePad because it's the commercialised hosted
version of MT which eschews commercially hosted usage of MT, as Six Apart
are in the business of making money, and DavidU mentioned b2 because it
doesn't have the commercial restrictions MT has.

Was just a logical conversation following product restrictions, not an
effort to lock us into a vendor solution just yet :)

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