[theforum] movement for redesign

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Aug 12 19:24:42 CDT 2003

> > > while i do agree with william that now is the right time to change our
> > > subdomain "policy" i'm with morgan on this one. articles should keep
> > > having the www.eo url not transferred to work.eo. url
> >
> > Could we do both?  [snip]
> Like it.  Although I'm quite sure google correctly reacts to 30x and while
> retaining the 'old' address in the index, it correctly spiders the
> and when you click thru from your results, you go to the new url - google
> has done this with links to my old URL (which has a sitewide Redirect on
> for a while now.

yes of course that works.

you're missing the point.

_please_ go read #3 again:
"3. I am changing my URL"

yes, google will deposit people onto the right page, but listings will
slide, probably pretty dramatically.

evolt.org currently has a pagerank of 8.

that is very hard to achieve.

as points of reference, both slashdot.org and sitepoint.com also have 8s (i
think sitepoint had a 7 til not too long ago)

pagerank is based (mostly) on INCOMING links from other sites.

if those sites are pointing at www.evolt.org addresses, while a redirect is
in place that drops the user onto the right work.evolt.org page, the
pagerank will *not* carry through.

i know --you'd think it would, but it won't unless all those external sites
update their links.

> I'm just wondering tho, why we're so desperate to retain google's
> attention - with redirects in place, it will cope fine - it's not like our
> livelihoods depend upon people searching for stuff via google.  Were we a
> commercial outfit, I'd be more concerned about it tba :)  [dons bitchslap
> protection gear]

anyone with an article containing a link in their sig, is benefitting hugely
from evolt's massive 8.
all authors will experience a pagerank drop on their own sites if you go
this route.

i think evolt gets more traffic from google than you realize:

seems stupid to me, to throw that away.

also, i still feel that the meat of evolt is the articles, and thus articles
should stay in the www.evolt.org domain.

why are we so hot to change this, and create a problem where none exists?


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