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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Aug 12 21:43:27 CDT 2003


> From: William Anderson
> > my undies get dirty, why wash them?
> None of this really needs done, so why do it?  Because
> it's there.  Because it'll be fun.  Most importantly
> because it'll benefit the community.  Why are you so
> opposed to change?  I don't see problems, I see
> challenges which I know I and others will enjoy solving.

provided we don't mire those challenges up so deep in discussion and
penis-wagging that we make the challenges tedious, boring, or downright

we're an established enough of a community that we shouldn't be doing things
strictly on the basis of it being fun or being a challenge.  we should stick
with things that are a clear benefit to our users.  we should avoid things
that will have an obvious negative impact on our users.  consider the

moving to an xhtml/css layout benefits our users and done right will not
have a negative impact on any it doesn't benefit.

improving the ia will benefit our users in many ways.

integrating list membership with weo logins benefits our users by making it
easier for them to take care of everything in one spot.

moving the bulk of current weo content to a different domain, messing up
vast amounts of accumulated relevance in numerous search engines, and
basically resetting our pagerank to zero on google will not benefit anyone.

so, rather than talking about details so much, can we please continue with
the conversation about high-level requirements and go from there?

without a thoroughly fleshed out plan of attack, we WILL fail MISERABLY.



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