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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Tue Aug 12 23:09:11 CDT 2003


> From: William Anderson
> re: colour schemes, but the structure *does* need
> discussed at this early stage.  I'm of the opinion
> that the current structure is unclear and disjointed.

structure needs to be discussed, but not details like whether or not to use
subdomains, whether or not we're going to throw away pagerank, etc.

> Have the domains alias if need be so that evolt.org =
> www.evolt.org = work.evolt.org if it will sate the need
> to kowtow to pagerank so much,

i think several of us have tried patiently to explain the importance of not
messing around with our position, pagerank, etc.  if you don't believe us or
understand what we're talking about fine.  however, please accept the fact
that perhaps others know a tad bit more about this than you do.  please
ditch the inflammatory attitude and the things like "kowtow", "desperate to
retain google's attention", "cope fine", etc.

i want to make this process work, but i can't if you insist on having an
opinion about everything, use inciteful/emotional/passionate/inflammatory
words and phrases, etc.  please help nip this stuff in the butt before it
gets out of hand and we end up getting *nothing* done, as usual.

> but at this stage, this discussion *has* to take place,
> perhaps not with the granularity of specific domain
> names, but at the very least the structure behind that.

agreed, so let's keep it at that.



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