Why PPV is a bad idea to begin with (was RE: [theforum] movementfor redesign)

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Wed Aug 13 03:57:21 CDT 2003

thechat (to be renamed [evolters]) will remain entirely free to participate.

evolters.org membership will not be free (or will be provided in exchange
for volunteering time to evolt). It's less about people thinking "Yeh,
that's worth the cash over alternative providers, I'll buy that." and more
about "Thanks for donating/volunteering, have this."

> element we have effectively shut off.  On a very
> generous 5% uptake, you might as well turn it off
> cos the number of posts will fall to a level where
> no bugger in her right mind would fork for it.

How will the number of posts to the social list of evolt.org change at all?

> Thus far, evolters.org a) doesn't exist and b) sure as
> hell doesn't provide anything on its feature list
> which People Like Us can't get elsewhere for nothing,
> not least from f2o.

You've missed the point.


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