[theforum] movement for redesign

Seb seb at poked.org
Wed Aug 13 05:43:46 CDT 2003

> Ideally, aye (or at the very least a redirect/alias from the old ones)
> But I'd also like to see a much clearer association between members and 
> their content. And by content, I mean *everything* they do - evolters 
> content, artlcles, tips, directory entries, everything.
> I want to see it all in the same place - a 'My folder'. If you like, weo, 
> peo and teo are just different views on that content, and specifies what 
> you see/can add in each place as well as the template you see it in.

This is an idea I've been playing with a lot (and something I've 
implemented on a few sites)... turning the site around so it's based around 
the *members* rather than just content. The front page acts as a portal (i 
hate that word, but in this case it makes sense) through to the various 
parts of the community. Members can publish content through their own areas 
(so that they actually have a scratch-pad to work on articles, so that they 
can see all comments they're made, etc) which is then in turn submitted for 
review to Content. Articles can be promoted to the front page, to just a 
subsection, or can be sent back to the user who can then continue editing. 
Resources (such as images) can be stored within a Member's area.

> So you go to
> http://work.evolt.org/members/martinb
> http://play.evolt.org/members/martinb aka 
> http://evolters.org/members/martinb
> http://test.evolt.org/members/martinb
> and you get the appropriate content types (articles, blog entries, review 
> requests respectively).
> But you go to
> http://evolt.org/members/martinb
> and you see it all.

> So an evolters.org membership just means that you can add content types 
> exclusive to membership.

Exactly. Evolters.org is personal, so you can do more of what you like on 
it, and the other evolt.org sites are restricted in what you can do so that 
it's strictly related to evolt.org stuff.

>> It can be justified that work.evolt.org is the first/default state of
>> evolt.org. Yes, the frontdoor might change, but articles/tips/lists 
>> are/will
>> be our most important content.
> Could maybe have the frontdoor as a user preference?
> a) weo
> b) peo
> c) teo
> d) portal

I'd love to see users able to customise their own frontdoor, so that they 
can choose content relevant to then. I'd love to see random older coding 
articles on the front page, whereas others might prefer design, IA, etc... 
this is a pretty important step to improving both user loyalty and 

- seb


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