[theforum] movement for redesign

Garrett Coakley garrett at spiked.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 08:24:41 CDT 2003

Right... I've caught up now... man that was slog!

Onto the design:

I really like it, very clean, has a very fluid feel to it -- not fluid as in
fluid vs static, more of gracefullness -- it leads your eyes around, doesn't
feel cramped.

Having said that I have a few pennies to throw in.

* The bright colours bug me a little too, but as neuro pointed out, that's
just a small bit of CSS-fu away, so let's ignore that for the time being.

* Maybe it's me, but the domain specific header seems a little lost under
the login widgets. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it's not really
making the visual connection with the 'Work, Test, Play' categorisation in
the page header, and so leaves that domain header kinda hanging in the

I think Martin may have touched on this a while back, but I can't find the
relevant post in the archives at the moment.

Hope you don't mind Isaac, but I've done a little mockup just to see if I
was thinking straight.


I moved the login stuff out of the way and tried to create a visual link
between the categorisation and the current section. I don't think it looks
any way near right, but I think it's a little tighter, a bit more focused.

The login and search stuff is a mess now though... that corner has got far
too cluttered through my tinkering.



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