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Wed Aug 13 08:51:04 CDT 2003

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DavidU wrote:
<quote who="Garrett Coakley">
>> http://evolt.org/admin/index.html

>That is a long list and it also has lots of people who may or may not be
>active anymore.

>Might it be worthwhile to kind of clear out the different groups and then
>let people "rejoin" them so that they are composed of people who have the
>time and desire "right now?"  Plus that way a lot of decisions can be made
>in smaller groups where it is easier to iron out the details as well as
>come to a consensus.

Or alternatively - with less hassle - ignore everyone who's lurking. If
you're not lurking, you're involved, right?

If there's a worry about ppl voting on stuff they haven't contributed to,
then desdev is perfectly able to define its own eligibility - ie you could
easily only accept votes from ppl who've been involved, even if that
involvement is just to say "Hi, I'm here and listening".


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