[theforum] movement for redesign

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Wed Aug 13 10:16:06 CDT 2003

> Based on that I fiddled some more and came up with
> http://illuminosity.net/test/evolt_work-header_2.png
> I think the login fits in much better, but the search is still looking
> for a home. But also, I think the search needs to lose the options
> lists. a) they take up far too much screen real estate b) they're
> unnecessary. the default search should use smart options, and then if
> people need to refine their search they should be given further options.

The blue line down from the cube does not look good as an indicator.

Also, the login is network-wide. As such, it should be tied to the
network-wide search and black-bar header.

I had added the search options dropdown as it was added to the current site
after requests/discussion.

If we want to remove it, then that's definitely an option. It gives the blue
bar full width, instead of the break on the right-column.

Uploading article template in a moment.


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