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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Wed Aug 13 10:59:59 CDT 2003


> From: Martin Burns
> which means that other than generally drawing people to
> evolt, we don't get that much of a boost to individual
> articles.

actually, we do get a boost to individual articles.  many sites don't enjoy
any amount of pagerank in internal pages, however, we have many pages with a
pagerank of 5 or greater.

> > google hadn't started doing deep crawls on dynamic
> > sites until october of 2000, so pagerank to any page
> > other than the homepage was a non-issue as it had
> > barely been established, if at all.
> isn't that significant.

no, quite insignificant really.  2 months is barely time to get properly
into google's index.  moreover, we didn't enjoy near the quantity of
external links like we do now.


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