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> the homepage has a pagerank of 8.  some of the articles on the site also
> have a 8 (or 7, depending on which index you end up using at the moment)
> while others have a 6 or a 5.  there are many sites that don't 
> get pagerank
> spread deep into the site.  we're fortunate in that regard.  i'd hate to
> lose that

At the risk of giving jeff a heart attack by agreeing
with him twice in one day :-) ...

There's, to my mind, only a tenuous connection between
root URLs and the way any site needs actually to work;
I'm more than fine, conceptually, with reorganising the
navigation to achieve what we want while making only
a cosmetic change to URLs (we add article titles to
URLs like that already... perhaps add a top-level
/work/ or similar to help with breadcrumbing?  Just a

Certainly I don't see a huge need to tie this particular
issue to the which-technology discussion we'll be having
after we set requirements.

Overall, *if* we can, keeping URLs as unchanged as poss
for pre-existing content would be a Good Thing imho.  New
stuff, otoh - open season.

Seperate idea:  perhaps we should have an auto-generated
page containing links to *everything* we have on the site
to serve dually as a full site map and 'crawler page' ?

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