[theforum] Member-centred design

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Aug 13 16:25:55 CDT 2003

From: "Martin Paul Burns"

| Seb wrote:
| > Members can publish content through their own areas
| > (so that they actually have a scratch-pad to work on articles, so that
| they
| > can see all comments they're made, etc) which is then in turn submitted
| for
| > review to Content. Articles can be promoted to the front page, to just
| > subsection, or can be sent back to the user who can then continue
| editing.
| Which is vastly more sophisticated than the current workflow, and also
| solves the 'Articles in Progress' problem. The best thing being the
| addition of 'return with comments' as a way of getting further work on an
| article, rather than a 'deny' or a 'leave in queue until bored' as at
| present.

but this all would mean that you'd have to pay to have your article
published on evolt.org, doesn't it? this does mean that only those with
evolters. account have the mechanism to publish articles.
hopefully i'm missing some major point here.


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