[theforum] evolters outline

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 17:10:13 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 07:11 PM, Isaac Forman wrote:

>> OK, we've had a bit of a bash around this on #evolt (wanna come join?)
>> and this is an outline we've come up with.
> I'm there, you're not!

and now, vice versa!
(sorry, had to go do the nursery run, cook, eat, get Morgan to sleep 
and build IKEA furniture)

>> 2) Blog. Members can also tag entries with keywords (see
>> BetterThanBlogging below) which can drive sub-blogs
>> 3) Links. Kinda part of the blog thought, but needn't appear on blogs.
> I think that member blogs could include a variety of public categories:
> Food, Travel, Humour, World News, Geek News, Movies and TV, etc, that
> combine to form group threads/channels. I'm sure that's what you're 
> thinking
> of,

Bang on. The thought was that we'd have a small number of categories to 
start with, see what other keywords ppl add, and evolve. That way if we 
*do* get a lot of ones with a wierd keyword, we can choose whether to 

I'm absolutely assuming that keywords are shared btw. Once one person 
uses a new keyword, it's on the list of ones to pick from.

>> 4) Photo gallery - upload pics by FTP and it's all done including
>> thumbnails and next/previous
> I think this should be excluded on the basis that it's 
> bandwidth-hogging,

If we're hosted somewhere with enough bandwidth to support it (and the 
contributions from evolters will make sure we are... no members, no 
money, but no bandwidth need), is this a problem?

Hosting photos was one of the big things that people misused meo for 
(me included for a while).

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