[theforum] movement for redesign

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Wed Aug 13 17:15:57 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 09:30 PM, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

> 3. also, currently in the top 5:
> http://www.evolt.org/article/rating/17/21234/index.html

> current page rank for those:
> 3. PR0

> now #3, is a little puzzling, because it is in the top 5. other 
> articles in
> the top5 have a PR of 7.

> up until a couple of months ago, every top 5 article had an 8, while 
> the
> long versions had 5s and 6s.
> issac's usable forms article has been on top forever now, the link 
> from the
> top 5 bar leads to the version with /rating/ in the URL slot, that 
> page has
> a PR7. all the articles in the top 5 have PR7 (except the newest entry)

Yeah, that's how my CMS article (when it was in the top 5) was the #1 
result for 'Content Management System' - as that's the only place that 
the /rating/ form appears, but it appears on every page on the site, it 
can only do good for your PR.


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