Why PPV is a bad idea to begin with(wasRE:[theforum]movementforredesign)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Aug 13 18:18:22 CDT 2003

Isaac Forman wrote:
> > > At the moment, they get no star/cube/icon next to their username
> > > [...]
> >
> > Yes they do - /me points to cubes representing no. of live articles
> > published ... :)
> I know that's there, it was my idea. I'm talking about a cube/star/icon
> for a financial donation/subscription of sorts.

Yeah, I know, I was teasing, my bad :)  Yes, sounds like a good idea.
Something Nintendo Europe do is a tiered structure to their site - anonymous
access gives you basic info about games, a free 24/7 account (i.e. simple
registration, akin to registering on evolt.org) gives you hints, tips,
downloadables, etc, and a VIP account, only available upon entering codes
that ship with Nintendo software and hardware (akin to the proposed
evolters.org accounts), which gives you premium downloadables and a points
collection system, where points can be redeemed for goodies (used to be
hardware too, but they've rescinded that for some reason).


          anonymous: gets to view all
   evolt.org member: gets to view all, gets account, gets posting rights
                     to eo articles, comments, lists and directory, and
                     posting rights to thechat
evolters.org member: gets to view all, gets eo rights as per eo member,
                     and gets posting rights to everything, and gets wee
                     gold cube after account name (mebbe possible to
                     embed this into the article cubes?)

mebbe an idea too to renegotiate the meaning of the cubes, from simple no.
of articles posted to an experience ranking, a la perlmonks.org, where you
get a rating based on comments you post, articles you write, and your
general interaction with the community ...

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