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Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Wed Aug 13 18:32:45 CDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 21:25:55 -0000, Elfur Logadottir <elfur at elfur.is> 

> From: "Martin Paul Burns"
> | Seb wrote:
> | > Members can publish content through their own areas
> | > (so that they actually have a scratch-pad to work on articles, so 
> that
> | they
> | > can see all comments they're made, etc) which is then in turn 
> submitted
> | for
> | > review to Content. Articles can be promoted to the front page, to 
> just
> a
> | > subsection, or can be sent back to the user who can then continue
> | editing.
> |
> | Which is vastly more sophisticated than the current workflow, and also
> | solves the 'Articles in Progress' problem. The best thing being the
> | addition of 'return with comments' as a way of getting further work on 
> an
> | article, rather than a 'deny' or a 'leave in queue until bored' as at
> | present.
> but this all would mean that you'd have to pay to have your article
> published on evolt.org, doesn't it? this does mean that only those with
> evolters. account have the mechanism to publish articles.
> hopefully i'm missing some major point here.

(Sorry for the long quotage, but it's important to the flow of 


No, the situation that I envisage is one where _every single registered *eo 
member_ has what they currently have... a bio + pic and a few more details 
and, in addition, a private scratch space specifically for the task of 
working on articles, comments, tips, etc... only for use on *eo. This will 
be a private area that cannot be seen by anybody without publishing rights, 
such that a member could work on an article (for example), request a 
review, and that specific item would then be visible by reviewers. If 
accepted, it would be promoted to the relevant area on *eo. If rejected, 
the article, with comments, would then be available in the user's private 
workspace. This would provide a complete audit trail for each published 
article by the user. Any amendments to live articles by the user would then 
need further review.

I also propose that the user has a template available in their home space 
which allows them to customise their particular view of *eo... such that 
the user, upon login, is pushed to their homepage, which is fully 
customisable. This offers a very high degree of functionality as a bonus 
for registering with the site, without adding a large performance hit on 
the regular homepage.

I have implemented several sites (and been heavily involved in one on a 
larger scale than evolt) that offer all of this functionality, and you can 
see the majority of it running on http://wiki.evolt.org

- seb


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