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Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 12:55:47 CDT 2003

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> From:  David 
> A. Ulevitch

> <quote who="Tara Cleveland">
> > David A. Ulevitch wrote:
> >>> 4) Photo gallery - upload pics by FTP and it's all done including 
> >>> thumbnails and next/previous
> >>
> >> -1 -- bandwidth++
> >
> > Could we have a cap on size for the photo gallery to make 
> it workable?
> That's not the problem.  What happens when your gallery or 
> image gets fark'ed or slashdot'ed.  Then you have multiple 
> megabits/second in traffic hitting your box.  Website traffic 
> pales in comparison to linking of images/photos in my experience*.
> -davidu
> *: Yes, I am aware of throttles and other options, but for 
> now I'd say it's a version2 kind of a thing...quick to add at 
> a later date once we have a stable operation.

Sorry to be late entering this (and all other current) discussion. (I
had a problem getting onto theforum list.)

In any case, I was not totally sold on the idea of evolters.org until
the ideas were more defined, but now I'm very hot to trot on this one.
I'm not so fussed about the gallery idea, tbh, but as a possible
work-around to address the slashdot concerns, the "evolt content only"
idea of elfur's, martin's point about loadsabandwidth, and tara's ++++
desire for galleries, what about one group gallery?

In theory, evolters.org members could all upload evolt-related images to
this one central gallery. That content is unlikely to be slashdotted,
and it's community-oriented content.

If we *are* going to do galleries of any nature, I hereby beg for image
uploading in the CMS. If "easy to use" is the watchphrase of this
endeavour, image uploading vs. FTP is the way to go IMHO.

Otherwise, I'm happy to pass on galleries in Round One, much as I hate
to disappoint Tara.


Sabrina Dent

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