[theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Thu Aug 14 19:38:49 CDT 2003

> I would rather be rewarded with text-ads than something on a 
> donation wall that many people may never see.
> I do think that quality text-ads (and corporate support) are 
> things that we should consider for this redevelopment of evolt.org.

And for those who don't remember my past proposals, I have previously
suggested that we seek support from perhaps 4 corporate providers. One
in hosting, one in publishing, one in software, and maybe one in

We would not give them preferential treatment over and above any
competitor. We would not be stopped from reviewing competitors.

For their support, these corporate sponsors would be given text-ad space
(any ads to be reviewed by us before posting). Nothing gaudy or
whatever. Just a space to promote hosting, or whatever they do.


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