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> At 04:57 AM 16-08-03, Isaac Forman wrote:
> >i.e., if Macromedia is our software sponsor, and their 
> latest product 
> >is a piece of shit, then it should be no issue for us to 
> review it as 
> >such.
> Uh huh.
> But say Adobe Photoshop version 12.0 is crap, and we say so.

Critically, there is no evolt "we" in this case. Any opinions or reviews
posted are simply the POV of an individual evolter. It's not like
evolt.org itself has an official position that FrontPage Sucks, for

> Will people 
> think, "hmmm... Macromedia is their sponsor. Say, don't they 
> make Fireworks?"

Advertising is different from sponsorship. I am *very* uncomfortable
with the idea of evolt.org sponsorship. I would prefer to simply solicit
ads ala Isaac's original post on this subject -- we make a short list of
acceptable non-text advertisers for actual image/banner/wahtever ads,
and approach them.


Sabrina Dent

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