[theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment

Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Sat Aug 16 19:10:36 CDT 2003

>> > >Advertising is different from sponsorship. I am *very* uncomfortable
>> > >with the idea of evolt.org sponsorship. I would prefer to simply > 
>> >solicit ads ala Isaac's original post on this subject -- we make a > 
>> >short list of acceptable non-text advertisers for actual > 
>> >image/banner/wahtever ads, and approach them.
>> No image-based ads if we can help it.

Could somebody please explain to me how it is that we're discussing 
companies buying advertising on evolt?

As far as I am aware, the only discussion of adverts we've ever had was 
along the lines of "wouldn't it be nice to alloaw evolters members to buy 
text ads on the evolters site?"

I would like to make my position really, really clear on this.

No paid-for ads on evolt, or sponsorship of evolt. Now or ever.

If companies want to donate, fine, but they don't get anything for it 
whatsoever, except equal billing on the donations wall with every other 

If anybody doesn't understand why I say this, you might want to remember 
why evolt.org started nearly 5 years ago. There's also a huge list of 
practical reasons why ads and sponsorhsip are bad things.

- seb


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