[theforum] text ads (was: Donation Wall - last chance to comment)

Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Sun Aug 17 09:14:12 CDT 2003

> On Behalf Of Seb Potter

> Well, I've thought about this a lot, and I guess it does make 
> a lot of 
> sense.

Fantastic. Accord. Woo hoo! (I get upset when I disagree with Seb, as he
is The Voice of Liberal Reason.)
> Still, would be neat to give preferential treatment to 
> evolters, not just 
> anyone willing to pay.

Possibly preferential *rates*?

What if punters got $10 per 10,000, evolters got $9 per 10,000, and
evolters.orgers got $8.00 per 10,000? With SSO, this should be possible,

Just thinking out loud, I've not really fully processed that idea...

Sabrina Dent

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