[theforum] text ads (was: Donation Wall - last chance to comment)

Seb Potter seb at poked.org
Sun Aug 17 09:38:05 CDT 2003

> 1 paid up evolter
> 2 evolt member
> 3 john q public

As Bri said, nice and easy with SSO. Right, I guess ShinyNewEvolt has to be 
a commerce app as well as CRM and CMS and Community Portal.

> might require that the ad be scrutinized/reviewed before being accepted


> like seb, i too was firmly against the idea of paid ads

> however, tshirts just will not cover our bills, so other sources of 
> revenue
> are needed

Well, I've worked extensively with various ad revenue models, and there are 
very, very few that work. We'll have to wait and see if home-brew text ads 
are going to be a viable model for evolt, but I'm reasonably optimistic in 
the short term.

- seb


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