Flamebait (was Re: [theforum] Donation Wall - last chance to comment)

john at evolt.org.uk john at evolt.org.uk
Wed Aug 20 16:48:41 CDT 2003

Buried deep amid this particularly unpleasant little post was *one* thing
I can actually sign up for.

> We could us Google's AdSense program...just past a snippet of code at
> the place on each page that you want the ad to appear....probably in the
> right side and maybe on the left below the menu on each and every page.
> Google will do a good job of matching the ad to the content of the page.
> Several hundred vetoes are available for blocking certain web sites.

I'm informed that this is actually paying serious money to some similar
sites, and they're as inoffensive as you can get, imho - especially if
they're tagged as 'from Google Adwords' and not from us.

Certainly doesn't diminish my opinion of either Slashdot or Mefi...

John Handelaar

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