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John k2lc at cfl.rr.com
Tue Apr 6 11:57:31 CDT 2004

Sorry can not turn it off..........some one signrd me up for the service
,,,,,,,,,,,,I do not have the pass word...........Please use
jolsen at cfl.rr.com  for all E-MAIL
        Thank you.....John
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> William Anderson wrote:
> > k2lc at riskfreemail.com wrote:
> >> [...]
> > erm, what the *fuck*?
> It's one of those stupid email verification things to supposedly help
> prevent spam by forcing you to click a link in order for email to get
> through (the idea being that spammers are using automated tools and so
> won't follow the links). Damn annoying in itself and should never EVER
> be used on an email address that is subscribed to a mailing list.
> Dean Allen briefly mentions the system he used to use here:
> http://textpattern.com/dev/article/3/centralised-comment-registration
> k21c: switch it off damnit!
> Paul
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