[theforum] Lists! (was Re: evolt.org redesign)

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Wed Apr 7 00:53:16 CDT 2004

Martin Burns wrote:
> So basically we have 2 parts:
> 1) Combine finance+marketing and sysadmin+desdev
> 2) bring steering back into the forum in one of the following ways:
>      i) keep the steering voting role, but not in a separate list
>     ii) losing the role, but being happy to have very short  
> discussion+vote turnaround time at times

I'm not sure I like either of these proposals ... wouldn't we be better 
off combining similar tasks together, so people can sign up for a 
certain responsibility? I don't really see the connection between 
marketing and finance.

I think we want

* content (content + marketing): The people trusted with dealing with 
the actual text on the evolt site, whether that be editing articles, 
fixing typos, or coming up with copy for other evolt purposes.

* code (sysadmin + desdev) responsible for the operating of the site, 
and maintaining / writing the server and client side code of the site.

* admin (theforum + steering + finance) responsible for making decisions 
upon the direction of evolt, how to manage its finances, et cetera. 
Steering would fold in as the people who make the final decisions on 
what to vote on, when it starts, when it ends, but would probably be 
pared down, since there's no need for quite so *many* people for these 
more limited duties.

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