[theforum] Lists! (was Re: evolt.org redesign)

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Wed Apr 7 03:20:48 CDT 2004

<quote who=' Lachlan Cannon'>

> I think we want
> * content (content + marketing): The people trusted with dealing with
> the actual text on the evolt site, whether that be editing articles,
> fixing typos, or coming up with copy for other evolt purposes.
> * code (sysadmin + desdev) responsible for the operating of the site,
> and maintaining / writing the server and client side code of the site.
> * admin (theforum + steering + finance) responsible for making decisions
>  upon the direction of evolt, how to manage its finances, et cetera.
> Steering would fold in as the people who make the final decisions on
> what to vote on, when it starts, when it ends, but would probably be
> pared down, since there's no need for quite so *many* people for these
> more limited duties.

I like this proposition too.

Anyone thinks there should be other propositions before we wrap up the
whole list of propositions and go on to voting on all this?
s t e f

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