[theforum] Lists! (was Re: evolt.org redesign)

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Apr 7 08:32:11 CDT 2004

Lachlan Cannon wrote:
> * content (content + marketing): The people trusted with dealing with
> the actual text on the evolt site, whether that be editing articles,
> fixing typos, or coming up with copy for other evolt purposes.
> * code (sysadmin + desdev) responsible for the operating of the site,
> and maintaining / writing the server and client side code of the site.
> * admin (theforum + steering + finance) responsible for making
> decisions upon the direction of evolt, how to manage its finances, et
> cetera. Steering would fold in as the people who make the final
> decisions on what to vote on, when it starts, when it ends, but would
> probably be pared down, since there's no need for quite so *many*
> people for these more limited duties.

this makes the most sense to me as well.  content, code and admin.
three lists are a lot easier to follow, and separate mentally than
seven.  i don't like the name "admin" for the admin group, though,
probably just because in the tech industry at least, the work tends to
imply god-like power :-)

i think the "word" steering is the best choic for the combining the
existing steering, finance and theforum.  in practice however i would
hope it would be run much more like theForum, where anyone can subscribe
and contribute.  what was the point of having a private forum for the
voting members, secret meetings?  closed-door decision-making.  i can
see where it would have seemed necessary when list traffic was higher
maybe, maybe to escape problems of list-noise and ending the inevitable

if the recent traffic to all of these seven lists is any indication, we
could do with just one.  call it steering, or theForum or whatever you
like.  i do think that transparency is important.  the only reason i
decided to get involved was because i *could* see what the organization
was doing, but when i realized the steering list was closed, i have to
admit it put me off a bit.  now that i'm on the steering list (and can
see that the message volume there is as deafenaningly quiet as
elsewhere) i see no reason that debate, decision, and voting could not
take place all on one open, transparent list.

> Martin Burns wrote:
>> So basically we have 2 parts:
>> 1) Combine finance+marketing and sysadmin+desdev
>> 2) bring steering back into the forum in one of the following ways:
>>      i) keep the steering voting role, but not in a separate list
>>     ii) losing the role, but being happy to have very short
>> discussion+vote turnaround time at times

+1 vote for ii)


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