[theforum] Lists vote

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Sun Apr 11 05:00:12 CDT 2004

s t e f wrote:
> <quote who='Lachlan Cannon' when='10/04/04 15:54'>
>> 2.
>> * Combine finance+marketing and sysadmin+desdev
>> * bring steering back into the forum losing the role, but being happy 
>> to have very short discussion+vote turnaround time at times
> +1 for proposition #2
> At first I was going to vote for the third proposition, which seems to 
> make more sense, but I feel that it would be problematic eventually 
> (blending content and marketing together), since marketing behaves as a 
> public-archive list whereas content doesn't (and should not be publicly 
> archived, for the reasons Martin gave).

I'm not trying to change your mind here, but just pointing out that 
marketing doesn't need to be publically archived. Slightly less 
transparent, maybe, but when marketing has been called upon for maybe 
two tasks in the last year, I don't really feel open archives are a 
must... Since marketing would only be changing things at the behest of 
theforum (or maybe code), you'd still have a record of the initial 
request in the initial list, and the response back to that list.

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