[theforum] Re: google adwords: next step

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon May 10 09:34:45 CDT 2004

David Kaufman wrote:
> so, what steps need to be taken to turn these new google ads on for
> browsers.evolt.org?  we have the AdSense account, and a proposed layout.  is
> a vote necessary to approve his "Skyscaper" (vertical format, right magin)
> layout for the ads?
> or can we go ahead an ask the content list to combine the testpage William
> linked below, with the live AdSense tags i posted, also below?

I'd do neither until we consider the more salient point - will we use google 
ads in the new layout?  I don't see the point in adding skyscrapers to beo, 
then taking them away again in a new layout design.  It's good that we have 
the adsense account now, but ...

Anyhoo, feel free to ignore me and have a vote on it though :))  It's 
implementable at any rate, so I'm just making a suggestion, not completely 
vetoing the idea if the rest of content/theforum decides it's a good call.

> we have a global network of b.e.o mirror sites as well, right?  how are
> updates to the main site coordianted with those servers, is this automated?

Somewhat - http://browsers.evolt.org/mirrors.php

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