[theforum] Re: google adwords: next step

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Mon May 10 09:34:38 CDT 2004

David Kaufman wrote:

> so, what steps need to be taken to turn these new google ads on for
> browsers.evolt.org?  we have the AdSense account, and a proposed layout.  is
> a vote necessary to approve his "Skyscaper" (vertical format, right magin)
> layout for the ads?

I don't think a vote needs to be taken, since we voted positively on 
this in the past. I do think content should maybe be asked to produce a 
paragraph to go with it, explaining why it's there.

> we have a global network of b.e.o mirror sites as well, right?  how are
> updates to the main site coordianted with those servers, is this automated?
> -dave

As far as I'm aware, mirror sites just serve the files, they don't 
present pages to visitors.. visitors visit the evolt browser page, 
select the file and are handed off to a mirror.

Since we're talking about mirrors though, I think it might be a courtesy 
to inform them we are doing this, and why, since they've volunteered 
bandwidth. Yada yada, nfp, yada, running costs, yada sustainability, 
blah blah future expansions, yada, activities blah.

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